Period and Restoration Work

Old houses are rich in character. To many of us owning a period home is an adventure in time. It's natural to maintain the character of your property when refitting or replacing items. This not only makes living in a period home more enjoyable but it also helps enhance the value of the property as a whole. Working on a period property is a highly specialised job and one that the Dixon Construction Group have developed a great deal of experience at.

We have worked alongside conservation officers from various regions on various projects and have vast experience of timber framed buildings, which is absolutely essential to be able to make a detailed examination of the building which is to be restored.

The initial examination part of each project is of vital importance as from this we are then able to get the exact timber sizes and jointing details from the outset. Also from this information we can gauge the history and development of each building, for example the amount of bays it would have had in its original form. The roof of a house is the equivalent to the contents page of a book.

We have a highly skilled work force who can restore your home or barn to it's former glory, who can replicate or duplicate (if also to be extended) the exact joints and timber sizes used in the original style and period, in order that it may then continue to last for the next 300 years or so.

Employing some of the most skilled craftsmen in the South East this company undertakes the more specialised construction demanded by today's Hi-tech clients.

Ken Dixon Brickwork Ltd undertakes major project work and uses a wide range of specialist craftsmen. We undertake contracts large and small from local authority buildings to bespoke building projects.

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